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Listen to the English sounds

– Click on this link to see the table  and listen to the sounds Phonemic Chart.swf

Haz clic en en el enlace para ver la tabla y escuchar los sonidos.

– For a complete description of the sounds with examples go to:

Sigue este enlace para ver una descripción completa de los sonidos:

– To practice English sounds pronunciation:

Para practicar la pronunciación de los sonidos ingleses:

New English File (Elementary) Website

Greetings (Saludos)
Place the cursor on the phrases, listen and practise (Pon el cursor sobre las frases, escucha y practica)

Listen and practise
Listen how they introduce themselves

Numbers Listen and practise (minimal pair practice & quizz) Watch the videos and do the exercises

The Alphabet

Watch the videos and do the exercises

People and Places – Gentile nouns/adjectives (Gentilicios)

Watch the videos and do the exercises

To Be

Questions with “Am/Are/Is”

Personal Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives (my, your, his, her…) and Possessive ‘s

Demostrative pronouns

Completing a form

Simple Present Watch the videos and do the exercises

Articles (a, an, the)

Questions with “Do/Does/Did”


Question Words I

Question Words II

Jobs Watch the videos and do the exercises

Listening Comprehensions

Family Listening comprehension with pictures

Secrets of a long life


Daily routine

Telling the time Watch the videos and do the exercises

Adverbs of Frequency

Days, months, seasons, dates seasons Dates – Listening comprehension

Can Watch the videos and do the exercises

Object pronouns

Possessive pronouns

Free time activities/Sports

Likes and Dislikes Keith talks about things that he likes and dislikes.

Shopping/Clothes What are you wearing today?

Films David talks about movies. Movies

Describing people

Simple Past
Watch these videos, listen and practice.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3 Questions
Video 4

Listening Comprehensions
Listen 1 Kevin talks a little about life in Wales
Listen 2 Night Life
Listen 3 London Tour
Listen 4 A thief in the night

Craig’s House

Terry’s House

Stephanie’s House

Kevin’s House


What are you doing in Australia?

Typical places around town

Directions Watch the videos and do the exercises Where does he want to go?

Prepositions of place

The Barbecue

My Favourite Restaurant

Ron’s Favorite Foods

A Holiday to Singapore


Food – Would Like

Hotel reservation

The Weather

Seasons Dictation

Presente Perfect Listen to the explanation Listen to irregular verbs simple present or present perfect Watch the videos

More… Listen the spelling

Listening Comprehensions Is this your book? Where’s the remote control? Holidays Food


Much more…

Personal info

The Classroom – El Aula

The Earth – La Tierra

Colours Watch the videos and do the exercises


Descriptive Adjectives (colour/size/measure/shape)

Common Expressions


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