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The Great Fire of London(Oxford University Press)

Janet Hardy-Gould and Illustrated by Lyn Stone


It’s London, 1666. It’s a hot, dry summer. A small fire starts in a baker’s shop in Pudding Lane. Soon the city of London is burning and the fire-fighters can’t stop the fire. People are running from their houses down to the River Thames.
But how does the fire begin and who can stop it? What is the King of England doing to help?

  • Download this power point presentation and Test yourself: The Great Fire of London.ppt
  • Download this worksheet and write a report about the Great Fire. Bajate este archivo y escribe en el un reportaje sobre el incendio, como si fueras un periodista. Busca fotos en Internet y pegalas. great_fire_news_report.doc

TEST: After Easter

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