2nd C.A.L.

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New Framework Level 2. Student’s Book con DVD y Workbook. Ben Goldstein. (Richmond)

New Framework is a fresh and innovative course for adults and young adults. Its methodology is clear; based on task-based skills work, an inductive approach to grammar, vocabulary and through pronunciation practice. It highlights oral communication, personalisation, and debate, through motivating, contemporary topics.

·120 contact hours, though highly flexible, feasible for classes with fewer hours.

·A wide range of resources and extra material for more advanced courses.

·Effective solutions for mixed-ability classes and real beginners.

·Numerous opportunities for evaluation and self-assessment in all components.

·Tested by hundreds of teachers and students.

·“The Real Thing” sections focus on Natural English.

·Own web page: www.webframework.net


RECOMMENDED BOOKS                        


La Gramática Paso a Paso. B. Mohillo. (Difusión)

English Grammar…. with exercises. EOI. (Longman)

Essential Grammar In Use. R. Murphy. (CUP). (Edición en español o en inglés)

Elementary Language Practice. M. Vince. (Macmillan)

A Good Grammar Book with answers. M. Swan, C. Walter. (Oxford)


English Vocabulary In Use. Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate. Redman. (CUP)


Oxford Pocket Dictionary. Bilingüe. (OUP)

Collins Pocket Dictionary. Bilingüe. (Grijalbo)

Longman Advanced. Bilingüe. (Longman)


– Palmer, Graham, Real Writing 1,,with anwers, Cambridge University Press

– Driscoll, Liz, Real Reading 1, with anwers, Cambridge University Press

– Craven, Miles, Real Listening and Speaking 1, with answers, C.U.P

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